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Spy Gadget / Nanny Camera General Questions and Answers


  1. I need a Nanny Camera / Spy Gadget, but don’t know what I want. Can you suggest something?
  2. Yes sure. Please email usinfo@online360.co.zaand tell us about your situation, we'll reply back with some suggestions and questions.
  3. Have you got any covert Nanny Cameras, Audio Bugs, Mini Trackers?
  4. Yes we have a massive selection of Hidden Cameras, Baby Monitors and Tracking Bugs.Pleasecontact us for an updated list.
  5. Have you got CCTV systems?
  6. Yes we do stock and sell CCTV Equipment,contact usfor more info.
  7. My lover is cheating, how can I catch them cheating?
  8. You can use a Mini Tracker, Audio Bugs, Small Spy Cameras, 007 Camera Clocks.Email our 007 Agentfor a list of options.
  9. Where is your shop, I want to come see the Gadgets?
  10. We are only based Online and we offer Free Spy Gadget Delivery within South Africa.
  11. So you don’t have a shop I can come and visit?
  12. Not currently, we an Online Covert Security Store in South Africa and We offer Free Delivery on All Gadgets.
  13. Do you know any shops I can visit?
  14. Not currently, as we purchase gadgets from international suppliers only.
  15. Whats the difference between wifi and wireless?
  16. Wifi is internet and connects to your wifi router, wireless means no cables / works off batteries.
  17. How long does it take until I get my package?
  18. It takes between 1 and 3 days if in stock and 3 and 21 days if not in stock.
  19. Why does it take so long, are you building the device?
  20. We place orders with international suppliers and our packages get checked by customs.
  21. Can you help me setup the spy camera?
  22. Yes, we do offer support.Let us know how we can help you,contact us here.


Shipping and Delivery

Online 360 products are shipped directly to our customers from international suppliers.

We source the latest products, negotiate the best prices, handle the customs costs and oversee the safe delivery of the items ordered to your door.

We charge you for the actual item, packaging, shipping & delivery charges only.

All other charges (such as taxes, SA Customs duties & V.A.T.) are paid on your behalf (included in the price).

Delivery time usually takes 3 - 21 business working days. Depending on stock availability and your location for delivery.

Please note that it takes 1 - 2 days to process your order and clear the payment, before shipment has been booked.


PayFast Information.

PayFast is a Payment Processing Service for South Africans and South African Websites. PayFast enables easy, Secure and Instant Transfers of money between Online Buyers and Sellers. Online 360 allows Sellers to Accept Payments from buyers in a variety of ways. PayFast processes Credit Cards Like Visa and MasterCards and Instant EFT.

How does Payfast Work?

Using PayFast allows Buyers to make secure and Instant Online Payments to Sellers for goods and services. As a buyer you will not pay anything to use PayFast. The Payments are kept in the Sellers PayFast account, and when the Seller requests a Payout, the money is transferred to their Bank Account.


Where is your Physical Store Located and Where can I view your Products?

Online 360 is only an Online Store, we do not hold stock of the products we display on our Website. Our products are shipped directly from our International Suppliers but we do hold some stock locally. Online 360 sources the latest products, negotiate the best prices, and oversee the safe delivery of the items ordered to your door. The team at Online 360 checks the availability of our stock on a daily basis and will not intentionally display a product this is out of stock.


What are the Delivery Times on Items purchased?

Online 360’s Delivery time is usually between 3-21 working days but the products can arrive sooner. The individual estimated delivery time for each products is specified on each products information page. Peak Shopping / gift periods such as Easter and Christmas may require a few additional days for delivery.


How do I place an order for EFT or Cash Deposit payment?

First you will need to create an account with Online 360. Add the product/s you wish to purchase to your cart, proceed to checkout and select either Cash Deposit or Internet Transfer. Once you have confirmed your order, you will be presented with an emailed purchase order with our banking details. Complete your order by making your deposit or transfer using your order number as a reference and your order is placed. You will then receive an order confirmation once payment has been received.


Can I cancel my Transaction once it has been processed?

In most situations your order may be cancelled, as long as you cancel your order within a few hours of the transaction. You will receive a full refund, minus the transaction charges.


What if I do not like what I have ordered once it has been delivered?

Refunds or Returns are not offered on Items that are not damaged. If you are unhappy with your product, please contact is and we will try our best to compensate you – this will also assist us in evaluating our suppliers and avoiding future issues.


What if my product/s are damaged?

Online 360 will supply you with a replacement, alternative or a refund. Items damaged by you will not qualify for a refund or replacement. In the event of a damaged or lost Software or user manual CD/DVD, we will supply you with a link that can be downloaded.


What are the Shipping and Delivery costs?

All of our prices include Packaging, Shipping/Delivery and any Customs duties are included in the product price. All other chargers such as Taxes, Duties and V.A.T are paid on your behalf. Online 360 may ask for your ID number if required by local Customs Staff.